The National APIDA Panhellenic Association (NAPA) serves to advocate the needs of its member organizations and provides a forum to share ideas and resources within its members. NAPA supports the development of positive relations through open communication with interfraternal partners to enrich the fraternal experience.

NAPA organizations set the gold standard for APIDA fraternities and sororities. In addition to meeting the association’s base standards, NAPA member organizations are exposed to resources and expertise to help them continually improve and be the best they can be. Universities, Greek Councils, and students want the best APIDA fraternities and sororities on campus and they can find them in NAPA.

Having recently celebrated its 10th anniversary at the 2016 Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors (AFA) Annual Meeting, NAPA has doubled in size in just a decade. What started as an alliance of nine chartering constituent organizations flourished to a coalition of 18 APIDA fraternities and sororities. To continue fostering a spirit of excellence and growth, NAPA recognizes individuals, councils, and organizations who continue to advance NAPA’s mission and vision in its annual Standards of Excellence Awards Ceremony.

All award recipients will be featured in a forthcoming NAPA press release, website article, and social media post across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Award recipients will be honored at an AFA-sponsored awards reception during the NAPA Annual Meeting. Winning individual award recipients will be notified of their status by November 15th and are encouraged to prepare brief remarks to share at the NAPA awards reception at the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Annual Meeting.

Individual Recognition

Change Agent of the Year: Recognizing an individual committed to social justice.

Professional of the Year: Recognizing an alumnus who has received acclaim in industry.

Advisor of the Year: Recognizing a supportive university faculty/staff advocate.

NAPA Volunteer of the Year: Recognizing an individual who has advanced NAPA as a whole.

Undergraduate of the Year: Recognizing an undergraduate member who advances the NAPA/fraternity community on campus.

Local Chapter Recognition

Outstanding Recruitment Programming: Recognizing an outstanding recruitment initiative.

Outstanding Philanthropic Programming: Recognizing an outstanding philanthropic initiative.

Outstanding Educational Programming: Recognizing an outstanding educational initiative.

Outstanding Cultural Programming: Recognizing an outstanding cultural initiative.

Outstanding University Council: Recognizing a university council that embodies interfraternal unity and demonstrates inclusivity in supporting the NAPA open expansion policy.

National Recognition

Publication of the Year: Recognizing a periodic communication piece by a NAPA organization that informs its audience with engaging content.

Alumni Initiative of the Year: Recognizing an innovative event or activity that mobilizes NAPA alumni to answer a call to action.

Social Media Campaign of the Year: Recognizing an exceptionally polished and persuasive marketing campaign by a NAPA organization.

Foundation of the Year: Recognizing a nonprofit entity for supporting charitable contributions to educational initiatives within fraternity and sorority life.

Collaboration of the Year: Recognizing a partnership or collaboration between 2 or more NAPA organizations.

Nominators may submit a maximum of 5 nominations per award category. The deadline to submit all nominations is October 15th at 11:59 pm EST. Nominators are highly encouraged to provide hyperlinks to supplemental documentation (i.e., letters of recommendation, photos, links to press and video) to accompany their application. Nominations should be based on achievements that occurred within one year leading up to the submission deadline.

Nominators do not need to be registered for the AFA Annual Meeting or NAPA Annual Meeting to submit an award application. Nominators may nominate themselves, their council, their organization, or others affiliated with the NAPA community. All applications will be reviewed by an assessment committee comprising of volunteers from the greater fraternal community.

An award recipient is considered ineligible to win the same award for future application cycles.

2018 Award Recipients

Individual Recognition

  • Advisor of the Year: Michael Wiseman, Office of Fraternities and Sororities at University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Change Agent of the Year: Sagar Kaushik, Delta Epsilon Psi
  • Professional of the Year: Amy Duong Kim, alpha Kappa Delta Phi
    Undergraduate of the Year: Anooshe Khan, Delta Kappa Delta
  • Volunteer of the Year: Bryan Dosono, Lambda Phi Epsilon

Local Chapter Recognition

  • Outstanding Cultural Programming: Binghamton University Delta Phi Omega
  • Outstanding Educational Programming: Cornell University alpha Kappa Delta Phi
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Programming: University of Houston alpha Kappa Delta Phi
  • Outstanding Recruitment Programming: University of Pennsylvania alpha Kappa Delta Phi
  • Outstanding University Council: University of Illinois at Chicago’s Greeks of the Pan-Asian American Council (GPAAC)

National Recognition

  • Alumni Initiative of the Year: The Alpha Alpha Chapter of Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Incorporated at University of Minnesota – Twin Cities Alumnae Angel Fund
  • Foundation of the Year: Delta Phi Lambda Foundation
  • Publication of the Year: Delta Epsilon Psi Banquet Booklet, Vicennial Edition
  • Social Media Campaign of the Year: University of Iowa alpha Kappa Delta Phi – @UIThroughMyEyes
  • Collaboration of the Year: Be The Change 2018

2017 Award Recipients

Individual Recognition

  • Change Agent of the Year: Sagar Shah, Delta Epsilon Psi
  • Professional of the Year: Victoria Lee, alpha Kappa Delta Phi
  • Advisor of the Year: Huey Hsiao, Campus Advisor for Syracuse University Lambda Phi Epsilon
  • NAPA Volunteer of the Year: Teri Chung, Kappa Phi Lambda
  • Undergraduate of the Year: Aakash Trivedi, Delta Epsilon Psi

Local Chapter Recognition

  • Outstanding University Council: Multicultural Greek Council at University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Programming: University of Florida alpha Kappa Delta Phi
  • Outstanding Educational Programming: Syracuse University Lambda Phi Epsilon
  • Outstanding Cultural Programming: Cornell University alpha Kappa Delta Phi

National Recognition

  • Alumni Initiative of the Year: alpha Kappa Delta Phi National Alumnae Association – aKDFit Virtual 5K
  • Social Media Campaign of the Year: Delta Kappa Delta – #BubblesForOmran
  • Collaboration of the Year: Delta Epsilon Psi & Delta Kappa Delta – National Convention

2018 Award Judges

Individual Recognition Award Judges

  • Michelle Gee, Alumnae, Clemson Delta Phi Lambda Sorority
  • Rula Othman, National President & Founder, Epsilon Alpha Sigma National Sorority
  • Jaleesa Reed, National President, Delta Phi Lambda National Sorority
  • Michelle Lebrias, Vice President, alpha Kappa Delta Phi National Alumnae Association

Local Recognition Award Judges

  • Aurusa Kabani, Enforcement Extern, National Collegiate Athletics Association
  • Bilal Badruddin, Vice Chair-Elect, NAPA Executive Board
  • Ruchir Dixit, External Vice President, Delta Epsilon Psi National Fraternity
  • Victoria Yeow, Treasurer, alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority

National Recognition Award Judges

  • Tanya Arditi, Public Relations Coordinator, National Multicultural Greek Council
  • Evan Ditty, Assistant Director for Training and Development, Fraternity and Sorority Life at The Pennsylvania State University
  • Nandini Pillai, National Advisor, Delta Kappa Delta National Sorority
  • Tracy Wang, National Vice President of Records, Delta Phi Lambda Sorority

2017 Award Judges

Individual Recognition Award Judges

  • Sam Armstrong, Ph.D., Director for Budget & Administrative Services, Eastern Washington University
  • Mary Peterson, Administrative Consultant, National APIDA Panhellenic Association
  • Pujitha Kallakuri, Past President, Delta Kappa Delta

Local Chapter Recognition Award Judges

  • Hannah Green, Student Coordinator, University of Montana
  • Lindsey Trione, Greek Affairs Coordinator, Texas State University
  • Cheyenne Oberther, Student Involvement Coordinator, American University

National Recognition Award Judges

  • Bilal Badruddin, Director of Operations/Programming, National APIDA Panhellenic Association
  • Prashant Kher, Director of Administration, National APIDA Panhellenic Association
  • Ethan Stubbs, Greek Life Coordinator, George Washington University



From a Sanskrit word defined as “one from our country,” the Desi initiative seeks to elevate and raise the voice of our South Asian member organizations. With several South Asian organizations within NAPA, we hope to foster continued growth and advocacy for South Asian issues and community.


The purpose of the LGBTQ Initiative is to promote inclusion of the LGBTQ community within our chapters and in the fraternal movement. We aim to raise awareness and celebrate the experiences of our LGBTQ-identified members, and develop best practices and identify resources to support them as active & alumni/ae members. This initiative is important to NAPA as we grow and learn more about our diverse membership and the world where we live. We’re committed to being a safe and brave space for our LGBTQ members.

NAPA has launched #OutandGreek to support and advocate for the needs of our members that identify as queer or questioning. We have spotlighted alumni, shared their stories, and hosted two panel discussion webinars. Questions that we explored have included coming out, experiences as an out member, creating inclusion and education for LGBTQ members and potential new members. Check out our first and second webinar!

Youth Vote

NAPA is partnering with APIA Vote to turn out the vote for the 2016 US Presidential Elections. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and college youth have the lowest voter turnout rate in the nation. NAPA intends to outreach and engage our membership to host voter registration drives, workshops, and phone bank with their peers to turn out the vote.

Domestic Violence

The National Asian Pacific Islander American Panhellenic Association seeks to promote the awareness and prevention of domestic/dating violence both at home and on campus by arming college students across campuses with information, action, and resources particularly intersected with concerns and issues that affect people of color. This project ties in with both the recent tragedy of Sunny Kim (Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.) and Domestic Violence Month in October.

Hazing Prevention

The National Asian Pacific Islander American Panhellenic Association states its position, in support of constructive educational and inspirational programs, and has asserted unequivocally its opposition to hazing and pre-initiation activities which do not contribute to the positive development and welfare of pledges/associates and members.

Mental Health

The National Asian Pacific Islander American Panhellenic Association (NAPA) and the National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association (NAAPIMHA) and Active Minds have partnered to bring mental health education and awareness to Asian and Asian-American students on college campuses. Through the Friends DO Make a Difference initiative, collegiate chapters of NAPA will have access to programming and resources to promote mental health, reduce stigma, and encourage help-seeking in a community that may face cultural and language barriers when accessing treatment. The campaign includes materials with imagery and messaging targeting the APIA student audience. Posters and flyers have APIA faces on them. Compact mirrors, stress balls, and other materials are chosen because of their symbolism with mental health issues associated with the APIA community. Each provides contact information for those seeking help. Upon completion of mental health training and programming, chapters will be recognized with a Friends DO Make a Difference Seal of Distinction.


Unique and Diverse Membership
NAPA fraternities and sororities are made up of individuals with an interest in Asian cultures. Members can potentially be from several different ethnic backgrounds: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, etc., as well as any other ethnicity, provided the member shares an interest in the Asian cultures. These groups do not share a common language, religion, or arguably a common culture, yet they unite together into one cohesive organization. While each of these organizations is distinctly unique, they have each been founded upon the basic principles of lifelong friendships, leadership, scholastic achievement, cultural awareness, and community service.

NAPA Fraternity and Sorority Members’ Disconnect with the Campus Community and the Fraternity/Sorority Life Office
According to Hayward (2008), among over 1,100 APIA fraternity and sorority members surveyed about various aspects of their experience, 38% responded that their fraternity/sorority life office knew “almost nothing” about Asian fraternities and sororities, and 75% responded that the fraternity/sorority life office cared only “a little” or “not at all” about Asian fraternities and sororities (p. 14). Having an open line of communication and building a relationship of trust and support will be an advisor’s best assets to help strengthen NAPA groups on campus. Regular meetings with NAPA groups will show that the campus administration supports their contributions to the campus community.

NAPA fraternity and sorority members have great pride in their commitment to their organization as well as the strong bonds they have with brothers and sisters in the Asian fraternity/sorority community, not only at their local campus, but across the geographic region. According to additional raw data from Hayward’s (2008) survey, respondents indicated that 51% of their chapters visit fellow chapters on other campuses 2-4 times a semester, and 49% visit other campuses with Asian fraternities and sororities other than their own 2-4 times a semester (p. 9). This may lead to concerns about potential over-programming. It is not uncommon for chapters to have 3-5 scheduled events per week. It is also not uncommon for chapter members to drive hundreds of miles to support other chapters’ events, oftentimes attempting to return home late at night, creating a potential safety issue.

Beneficial Forms/Documents for Professionals and Volunteers
Familiarity and access to the following forms and documents will be helpful in the advisor’s efforts to support NAPA organizations:

  • Organization’s contact information
  • Organization’s local and national constitution and by-laws
  • New member education program
  • Anti-hazing policy
  • Risk management policy
  • Judicial/Standards policy
  • National awards
  • Advisor manuals

The following policies, procedures, or developmental models are useful or beneficial to the success of a chapter on a college/university campus:

  • Chapter academic reports
  • Campus awards received by chapters
  • Awards of excellence programs
  • Guide to starting a chapter
  • Understanding of an organization’s history/traditions

We are excited to invite you to NAPA’s new online career development and mentoring community!

The National APIA Panhellenic Association’s new private online community is designed to support the professional and entrepreneurial development of our students and alumni through the connection of our members.

For Alumni
The VineUp community is our fantastic new resource full of international careers and information, including access to more than 8,000,000 employment opportunities from around the world. Included are jobs and internships provided by our administrators, fellow graduates, and our partners. We would also like to invite you to post job vacancies and internships to our community free of charge. All job postings are updated daily, giving you up-to-date, country-specific career development advice and services.

The community is designed to support the sharing of skills and foster an environment that encourages mentoring relationships within our alumni and also between our students and alumni. Within the community we are hoping to connect our brightest students with alumni like yourself, that may be able to spare a few minutes a month to share advice and tips online or in-person. Choosing to share your knowledge with our student members and fellow alumni will help to provide our future world leaders with the best start that we could possibly wish for them.

NAPA is partnering with organizations to prioritize initiatives that encompass some of the most pressing issues for our students and community. These initiatives include: mental health, the intersection of LGBTQ and Asian American identities, and civic/voter engagement. To engage in these initiatives, please reach out to respective project leads.

Work Groups
NAPA has identified three topics that will be the focus of our work groups. Based on feedback and the needs of our organizations, these include: domestic violence, Desi initiatives and the South Asian voice, and hazing prevention. Please reach out to respective project leads if you want to more information.