Announcing 2016-17 Leadership

Congratulations to our newest NAPA appointees serving the 2016-17 leadership term!

Executive Board

  • Chair: Hannah Seoh, Delta Phi Lambda
  • Vice Chair: Vigor Lam, Pi Delta Psi
  • Secretary: Teri Chung, Kappa Phi Lambda


  • Director of Communications: Angela Ju, alpha Kappa Delta Phi
  • Director of Finance: Alison Kao, Delta Phi Lambda
  • Director of Interfraternal Relations: Prashant Kher, Beta Chi Theta
  • Director of Operations: Michelle Wu, Sigma Psi Zeta
  • Director of Technology: Bryan Dosono, Lambda Phi Epsilon
  • Director of Undergraduate Affairs: Chee Ia Yang, Delta Phi Lambda
  • Co-Director of AAGLO Summit: Kiran Wadhwa, Sigma Sigma Rho
  • Co-Director of Programs, Initiatives: Jose Pangelinan, Sigma Lambda Beta
  • Co-Director of Programs, Work Groups: Christiana Cabrera, Sigma Lambda Gamma

Project Leads

  • Project Lead, LGBTQ Initiative: Toubee Yang, Lambda Phi Epsilon
  • Project Lead, Mental Health Initiative: Patrick Lin, Pi Delta Psi
  • Project Lead, Youth Vote Initiative: Rob Mady, Pi Alpha Phi
  • Project Lead, Domestic Violence Work Group: Seju Patel, Sigma Sigma Rho
  • Project Lead, Hazing Prevention Work Group: Brian Gee, Pi Alpha Phi
  • Project Lead, Desi Work Group: VACANT*


* Note: We are still recruiting a Project Lead for our new Desi Initiative. If you or any colleages are interested in serving, please reach out to Vigor Lam at

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