Creation of NAPA Affinity Networks

July 10, 2020

The National APIDA Panhellenic Association creates the first-ever Affinity Networks for NAPA members

The National APIDA Panhellenic Association (NAPA) is comprised of 20 culturally diverse fraternities and sororities, with members from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences. NAPA recently released a statement condemning anti-Black racism and provided resources for members to combat Anti-Black racism in all its forms and dismantle white supremacy. NAPA recognizes that efforts to dismantle systemic injustice and racism should not just be limited to these actions. We have members in our 20 member organizations that identify as Black and are hurting, and have been hurting for far too long. As a result, members of NAPA have created the first-ever NAPA Black Affinity Network, a safe space for individuals who share similar identities to find community in shared experiences and background. The NAPA Black Affinity Network was established in June of 2020 as the NAPA Black Coalition.

NAPA is in the process of creating additional, inclusive Affinity Networks for NAPA members. NAPA Affinity Networks will have various purposes depending on community goals and ideals. All will provide safer spaces for NAPA members to find comfort in shared experiences and provide additional inter-council support for members.

NAPA Affinity Networks are voluntary associations and membership in each Affinity Network is limited to NAPA members. This encourages community building, as these create spaces for articulating, promoting, and supporting their needs and various goals. Affinity Networks also exist to empower members, provide insights into diverse areas, and highlight achievements and progress that build upon our expectations of each other as a NAPA community.

What is an Affinity Network?
An affinity network is a collection of individuals who are members of a NAPA member organization with a shared interest or common bond that extend beyond membership in the same fraternal organization, including experiences, identities, and activities. As such, affinity networks are formed to establish and engage a mutually beneficial relationship between NAPA, their member organizations, and our members.

What do Affinity Networks do?
Affinity networks support community building and provide visibility and practical support. Affinity Networks:

  • Foster a sense of community among members who share similar interests, experiences, or identities.
  • Inspire and support members.
  • Bring structure to receiving access to services and further support from NAPA.
  • Strengthen the NAPA community and their relationships to each other and their organizations.
  • Engage in intellectual, cultural, and social networking opportunities to enhance professional and personal development.
  • Enhance and enrich the scholarly and cultural resources for NAPA.

As NAPA joins other councils and organizations in solidarity to fight Anti-Black racism in our organizations, nationwide, and globally, we hope the NAPA Black Affinity Network and other future NAPA Affinity Networks provide a source of empowerment, collaboration, and comfort for our members.


About NAPA
NAPA organizations set the gold standard for Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) fraternities and sororities. In addition to meeting the association’s base standards, NAPA member organizations are exposed to resources and expertise to help them continually improve and be the best they can be. Universities, Greek Councils, and students want the best APIDA fraternities and sororities on campus and they can find them in NAPA.

Bilal Badruddin, Chair
National APIDA Panhellenic Association

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