Risk Management Update

In the latest edition of AFA Essentials, NAPA Chair Hannah Seoh and Past Chair Brian Gee describe the current landscape of risk management among NAPA fraternities and sororities.

In June 2019, NAPA conducted an environmental survey to review each of the member organizations’ risk management policies and procedures. The survey covered items such as the content of the current risk management policy, as well as how each organization managed distribution and education of their policies.

Based on this information, NAPA worked with Holmes Murphy Fraternal Practice to host a webinar in August 2019 to introduce the new Holmes Murphy risk management policy template and explain some of the history and background of the updates.

As of September 2019, several NAPA member organizations have updated their policies based on the Holmes Murphy template. NAPA and Holmes Murphy are working with each of the groups to not only update their policies, but to explore various ways to improve their education and enforcement efforts.

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